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"Wonderment is a tremendous story about a man's search and struggles for love, family, truth, and spirituality, while never losing the eternal quest for the mysteries of the universe and life itself."  – J. Willard Williams, Director of Adult Education, US Army (Ret.).


Book Extract

Even after considering that this was a cloudless midsummer afternoon in the high Greek mountains, the sun seemed particularly hot, the humidity oppressive. I had finished my shift at the tunnel site and was alone, sipping my customary retsina at the rickety metal table outside Papadopoulos's cafe. But then I heard the crunch of boots on the gravel path. Someone was coming.

I looked around and behind me. It was unusual to see a policeman in Kremasta, the place was so small. Some trouble must be brewing, and this worried me. But the young man smiled, shook my hand, and introduced himself.

He seemed pleasant enough, slim and affable with a beaky nose, his uniform neatly pressed. He ordered a limonada, which seemed somehow to bode trouble, and then he got down to business

Being Greek, his English was not very good, but he got the message across. “I just want to let you know, sir, that if there is an accident at the mine, or if someone is killed, your company will not be held responsible.” He repeated carefully, “Your company is not responsible." There was the whisper of a pause before he added quietly, "You are responsible.” A vision of the leaking tunnel came to me and my stomach went hollow. Personally responsible, I thought, personally responsible!

The policeman gave me a regretful smile and, no doubt because he considered himself a helpful individual, restated the message in mime, crossing his wrists to symbolize the handcuffs and adding a grave, affirmative shake of the head, accompanied with a closing of the eyes which gave the impression that this information would sadly remain valid for the rest of my days.

“I thought you should know this, sir,” he said. And then rather quickly he was gone, his lemonade untouched.

               --- Ch. 9









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 "Wonderment: A love affair with adventure, writing, travel, philosophy, and family life," is a book that will captivate you – and make you smile!

Wonderment sparkles with the magic of life experiences gathered from all around the world. Customer reviewers at have all given it their top rating -- five stars. This is the autobiography of an English-born, New Mexico-based nonfiction writer who shares his time between London and the American West. Its storyline reads like a novel, keeping the action moving from the writer’s childhood nightmares to tropical travels and a brush with death in the neurology unit of a London hospital.

Sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, this is the first-person, nonfiction life history of a writer who was born with a love of adventure, travel, people, and the mystery of who we are and why -- yielding memoirs laced with the humor, romance, family lore and drama that anchor a life well lived. He becomes a science writer, survives the risks of an adventure-loving life, and gradually discovers his own spirituality and optimism for the future.

Readers love this book! See the readers' comments in the section named "Wonderment" on this site. Read their opinions for yourself and see why this exciting autobiography belongs on your bookshelf or on your screen. 


Memoirs are "the fastest-evolving form of literature . . . no longer the sole province of the nostalgic famous."


"The memoir is now the fastest-evolving form of literature, and one of the most widely read. In recent years, the traditionally linear autobiography has been transformed by numerous inventive new genres. From prize–winning creative non-fiction to celebrity tell-alls and confessional misery-lit, memoirs have generated critical exaltation, controversy and some serious sales. No longer the sole province of the nostalgic famous, a memoir doesn't have to cover a whole life - it can explore the details of a personal triumph, an illness, a relationship, a divorce, or a job." – Anna Baddeley in The ObserverJuly 20, 2013


My booklist

Wonderment (Troubador/Matador, 2012) Hardcover ISBN 9781780882864. Memoir of an adventurous English-born writer who falls in love with the American West, its history, its panoramas, its multi-ethnic peoples, and its creative science communities -- while staying in touch with families and friends in Britain..

The Star Wars Enigma (Potomac Books, 2006; Hardcover :ISBN 10 1-57488-981-8; ISBN 13 978-1-57488-981-9; Paperback: ISBN 978-1-59797-005-1 The "inside" story political and scientific story of the 1980s Strategic Defense Initiative, derived largely from one-on-one interviews with leading players in the United States, Russia (USSR) and Britain

Solar System (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2002) Hardcover. ISBN 0304359947 The richly illustrated story of planetary exploration, with emphasis on the engineering marvels accomplished during unmanned space flights. Essays included by Arthur C. Clarke, Freeman Dyson, and others. 

How We Will Explore the Outer Planets (Putnam, 1973) SBN GB-399-60763-3; TR-399-20269-2. Nonfiction YA explanation of early missions to the outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – real and still being planned at the time of publication. The political and economic side of spaceflight, planning orbits and trajectories, designing the spacecraft, instrumentation, rocket launch systems, communication and navigation.

How Will We Feed the Hungry Billions? (Messner, 1971) Cloth Trade ISBN 0-671-32465-9;MCE  0-671-32466-7. Nonfiction YA introduction to world food shortages, the  Green Revolution, problems of adequate potable water, chemical v nonchemical food protection; marine food sources, protein sources.

The Mysterious Sun (Putnam, 1971),  Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 71-136786. Nonfiction YA explanation of the solar system’s great power source, the Sun. Explains studies and structure of the Sun, its effects on Earth including auroras, dangerous and disruptive types of radiation, photosynthesis, Vitamin D synthesis, solar-electric power.


Nigel Hey, Ltd., is an umbrella organization formed in 2001 to embrace a variety of writing activities, from writing and editing for others to full-scale books produced in-house. It is based in Los Ranchos, part of the Albuquerque conurbation in New Mexico. During this time it has produced two science-related books and a biography, consulted to Sandia National Laboratories, the MIND Network, Technology Ventures Corporation, and the Santa Fe Institute.

British-born Nigel Hey is a career journalist, publisher, and science writer.He is the author of six books -- Wonderment ,The Star Wars Enigma, Solar System, and three young-adult nonfiction science titles. You can read his blog at



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